Learning to type

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Curriculum details

  • Aug 5, 2024 - Jan 24, 2025
  • 30 minutes per day


We recommend using a typing instruction software designed especially for kids to teach your child to type. Two good options are Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz (review at www.toptenreviews.com/typing-for-kids-software-mavis-beacon-review) and Typing Instructor for Kids (review at www.toptenreviews.com/typing-for-kids-software-typing-instructor-for-kids-review).

Make sure to supervise your child to ensure he or she is not looking at the keyboard while typing (the software should show on the screen where to place fingers). A habit of looking at the keyboard will impede muscle memory formation and slow down typing speed in the long term.

You may opt to use scheduled writing time for typing practice until your child becomes proficient. Thereafter, daily writing time may be completed at a computer.