How to use ESA funds for Nautilus Homeschool

If you live in Arizona, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina or Utah, you can use ESA funds to pay for the Nautilus Homeschool curriculum. Nautilus Homeschool is an approved educational service provider with Classwallet and Odyssey in these states.

What is an ESA?

ESAs, or Educational Spending Accounts, are government-funded grants that parents can use for approved educational expenses, including curricula and books. The availability and rules for ESAs vary depending on where you live. You can learn more about ESA programs available in your state here.

Arizona, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Utah instructions

If you are not already an ESA beneficiary, you can register at one of the following links:

Once your application is approved, you will be given access to a Classwallet funding account, which can be used to pay for educational expenses.

To pay Nautilus Homeschool via Classwallet, first create an account at our website, and use the Your Homeschool page to add the students in your family. Send an email to so that we can send you an invoice for each student.

Then simply log on to your Classwallet account, choose the Pay Vendor option, and follow the instructions to upload the invoice from each student's spending account. (Check out this video for a detailed tutorial.) We will then be able to provide access to the curriculum for the grade level you selected for each student.

Idaho instructions

If you are not already registered, you can sign up at the following link:

Once your application is approved, the program will provide access to the Odyssey marketplace. In the marketplace, search for Nautilus Homeschool and select your preferred offering (either the full Nautilus Homeschool curriculum, or the Pageturners literature enrichment program). Complete payment and checkout in the Odyssey marketplace for each student in your family.

To access the curriculum, log into your Nautilus Homeschool account and use the Your Homeschool page to add your students. Then send an email to so that we can apply your purchased curriculum to your account.

Mississippi and Montana instructions

These states provide funding for students with special needs to use in educational expenses, including curricula like Nautilus Homeschool. You may learn more about eligibility, register your student, and access reimbursement instructions at the following links:

More help

If you would like help or have any questions about using ESA funds with Nautilus Homeschool, feel free to reach out to us at