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How is GPA calculated?

We use the standard United States unweighted GPA calculation method in which the GPA is calculated as the average grade on a four-point scale, weighted by the credit value of each course.

What does the completed transcript look like?

You may view a sample transcript here.

Who produces this tool?

The high school transcript generator is a complimentary tool offered by Nautilus Homeschool, a customizable homeschooling curriculum based on great books.

Do I have to pay anything or sign up to your website to generate a transcript?

Generating a transcript is completely free. We offer the option to create a free account for the purpose of saving your transcript data, but this is not required in order to generate your transcript.

Will Nautilus Homeschool send me spam or share my data with third parties?

Absolutely not. Your data will be used only to generate your transcript, and will not be used for advertising or shared with third parties.

Where can I learn more about homeschooling high school?

Check out our free guide to college admissions requirements, high school credits and more at Homeschooling High School.

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