A K-12 literature program that produces
lifelong readers

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How It Works

  • 1

    Gradual progression

    From picture books to classic adult literature, we schedule just the right number of enjoyable books that gradually increase in difficulty to allow your child to progress to more challenging works.

  • 2

    A complete Great Books education

    By the end of the program, your student will have read the major Great Books of Western and world literature - and will have a lifelong ability to read widely for education and enjoyment.

  • 3

    Customize for your family

    Customize one of our courses, or design your own using our book discovery and scheduling tools.

What is the Pageturners program?

Pageturners is a literature enrichment program, created by Nautilus Homeschool, that produces lifelong readers. It consists of one of the best curated collections of fun, high-quality contemporary and classic literature, arranged in courses that gently progress from picture books to the most challenging works of adult literature.

The Pageturners curriculum contains curated year-round reading schedules for each K-12 level. Book selections are enjoyable, high-quality works of classic and modern literature and nonfiction in all genres.

The program also includes access to book discovery, scheduling and customization tools, which allow you to create a tailored reading program for each student.


Who can benefit from Pageturners?

Pageturners is designed as a supplementary literature program for students who may not receive adequate opportunity in school to enjoy great books. It also works well as the literature component of homeschooling curricula.

It is a good fit for families who wish to instill a habit of reading quality literature in their young children, or to provide voracious readers with a steady supply of quality literature. We also offer a thorough program of classic and contemporary Great Books for high school-level readers.

Does the program assign tests, book reports or other work?

We do not ask students to perform any work other than reading. Students in most schools already spend plenty of time on these types of activities, and Pageturners is intended as a supplement rather than a replacement for them.

The purpose of Pageturners is to encourage students to read for enjoyment, and expand their skills through spending more of their time simply reading great literature.

How does pricing work?

Our kindergarten level is completely free. For other grades, the cost is $7.98 per month paid annually. Membership includes access to each course in our curriculum for all the students in your family.

Financial need-based scholarships are available. Please contact us for more information.

Do I need to purchase books?

Most of the book recommendations should be available at your local library if you live in the United States. You may wish to purchase favorites for your home collection, but this is not required.

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