Lifelong Learning

A curated self-education platform for
the intellectually curious

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How It Works

Lifelong Learning is a self-education platform for adults and advanced teens, produced by Nautilus Homeschool.

Courses are offered in literature, history, science, technology, society and other subjects of interest.

Each course is a curated program of study, compiled from the best and most up-to-date books, lectures and other external materials available in its field.

Membership also includes access to our book discovery, scheduling and customization tools, which make it easy to plan your independent study and modify it on the go.


Who can benefit from the Lifelong Learning program?

Lifelong Learning is designed to help adults and teens to learn about subjects of interest by reading quality books. Our curated courses contain the best and most up-to-date books and other materials, so that you can spend your time learning rather than researching what to read.

Can this program be used for academic credit?

The Lifelong Learning program is designed for independent exploration rather than academic credit. For K-12 education, we suggest instead using our full academic curriculum for homeschoolers, or the Pageturners supplementary literature enrichment program for school-going students.

How does pricing work?

We offer a free 7-day trial. Thereafter, the cost is $6.67 per month paid annually. Membership includes access to each course in the Lifelong Learning program as well as our customization and scheduling tools.

Do I need to purchase books?

Most of the book recommendations should be available at your local library if you live in the United States. You may wish to purchase favorites for your home collection, but this is not required.

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