High School Subjects


Our middle school curriculum schedules one hour per day for "Project Time." Students use this time to pursue learning and creative projects of their choice.

Electives are the high school equivalent of this free exploration. Students should plan to take one or two electives each semester after the first semester of ninth grade. We offer a selection of optional elective courses that you may add to your curriculum, but we also encourage you to design your own electives that allow you to deepen interests and discover new ones.

You can create an elective course out of any hobby or area of interest, as long as it results in new learning or self development and you are able to spend at least 60 hours on it (for a one-semester elective). You can count academic courses taken at a community college or online as electives, or design your own using a combination of online resources, books and projects. Work experiences such as part-time jobs or internships can be turned into electives, as can starting your own business. Athletic training can be a Physical Education elective, and music or dance can be a Fine Arts elective.

Electives are included as part of your high school transcript, and showcase your interests and individuality. You can use them to explore a possible college major or career interest, or simply to learn more on subjects you are curious about.