High School Subjects


Our default high school curriculum follows the traditional sequence of Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. Students who are applying to competitive universities or are planning careers in science or engineering should consider adding a fourth course in Precalculus or another branch of math. (Precalculus, Number Theory and other math electives may be added from the Add Courses page of your account.)

Our high school math curriculum offers two tracks, honors and standard. Both leave students well prepared for Precalculus and college-level math.

The honors math courses use the rigorous Art of Problem solving textbooks and videos. These cover the material in far greater depth than traditional high schools, and include many challenging problems and limited repetition and review. Art of Problem Solving courses are a good fit for students who want to be challenged in math and have a strong interest in the subject.

The standard math courses are designed for students who wish to learn the material thoroughly without making math a major area of focus. The Algebra 1 and Geometry courses use the Jacobs textbooks, and the Algebra 2 course uses Lial's Intermediate Algebra text. These books present the material in a clear, straightforward way, with plenty of practice and review.

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