High School Subjects

Foreign Language

Our default curriculum includes courses in Spanish, which we feel is an excellent first foreign language choice for Americans. We also include courses in Mandarin for those interested in a more challenging, less commonly studied language. If you have a special interest in a different language, feel free to substitute similar work in a foreign language of your choice for our Spanish or Mandarin courses.

Our middle and high school Spanish curriculum uses Breaking the Barrier, a series of three courses each designed to be the equivalent of one year's worth of high school Spanish. In ninth grade the default course is Spanish 2, because our curriculum covers Spanish 1 in middle school.

If you completed the first level of Breaking the Barrier in middle school, it is counted as part of your high school foreign language credits. If you would like to start with Spanish 1 in ninth grade, you may add this course from the Add Courses page of your account.

Once you reach the third year of your chosen foreign language, we recommend spending time watching videos and reading books in that language to improve your comprehension. Students may also obtain conversation practice through volunteer work.

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